It ended but now it just the beginning

Hi readers,

This will be my last post for year 6. Year 6 has been a wonderful year. Many fun things happened but many sad and frustrating things also happened. Today I will share you my memory and experience of me in year 6.

So when I started the first day of this year I was really worried and nervous about loads of VERY important things like, “Am I in the same class with my friends?” or “ I hope my teacher is kind.” But now that I think over, I didn’t need to worry about these VERY important things. (Not) Friendship won’t change and if they will that mean that it wasn’t a real friendship. All teacher cares about you and even if you didn’t know about the teacher in the beginning, you will eventually know the more about the teacher. My year 6 Mrs Miller and Mrs W was a very different type of teacher. Mrs W is more of a mum and Mrs Miller is a kind and caring teacher. They both are different types of teacher but they both teach us kindly and most of all they are an amazing teacher!


Year 6 was also really quick year. All 4 term went by so fast. I just can’t believe it! I think year 6 was the best year so far. I am so excited about next year and how my adventure’s going to go. I know year 6 is done but it feels like it just started!

My adventure hasn’t finish yet and I am keen to explore it more!

See you some time!



Global read aloud, “Fish”

Hi readers,

Currently at school, we are reading a book called, Fish. We are participating in global read aloud and reading a book with two other schools from over seas. Each week we get a set of tasks to complete from different teachers. This week we were asked to draw the event that happened in the chapter in comic scrip.

This is the comic scrip that I’ve drawn.



This story is all about a family trying to go back to their homeland but the country they are in now is having a war so they can’t fly from the country they are in now. So they are crossing to another country’s border to go on an airplane to fly to their country. Tiger’s family (Who is the child of the family) are walking to the border. They even had some hard time but they all managed to get over it and they made a stronger bond. Tiger is looking after a fish that was found in a mud in Tiger’s old house.

I believe in the next chapter, Tiger’s family will keep on going with their journey but the 3 mans might come to capture Tiger and Tiger’s family might fight to take Tiger back.

I am really enjoying this book and I am keen to read more of this book.

See you then, Bye!


Raising your Voice

Hi readers,

Today I will be talking to you about “Raising your voice.” Raising you voice means to speak out on issues that you are concerned or curious about. I am concerned about using too much coal and charcoal that which means our future on earth will be affected. I have decided to raise my voice on using natural energy to make energy without using coal.

Nowadays we have solar panels, wind turbines and many more ways of making energy by natural power. Some people who don’t know what natural power is therefore here is an explanation. Natural power is a source of energy made by nature, such as, sun light, wind, plant power (growing power), wave power and damp waterpower. I believe humanity has used too much coal to make energy and now coal has almost run out of this planet. We should all use natural energy and stop digging up coal to make power.

Further more, we we need to stop making energy out of coal is because making this curse air pollution and this is seriously terrible for humanity and to our planet. Earth has been negatively affected by the coal energy.

Including these point I believe we should use natural energy for our future. If we start using natural energy as soon as possible, this means we will never run out of coal and this will save our planet from coal air pollution.

We should all make energy by using natural energy and to start we should all have a solar panel on our roof!


Well see you then, Bye!



Smile! Chapter 6

Hi readers,

Thank you for reading my blog post. Sadly this is going to be the last chapter for this story. So I hope you enjoy it.

This is a short summary. There is a girl name, Abby and she has two best friends called, Ellie and Carly. They both help and care about each other. Now Abby have people who she can rely but a few weeks before, Abby used to be hated by everyone. One should I say scared by everyone. Then Ellie gave Abby a magic wand that gives you tips about what are real friends are. Then some bad rumors spread around about Abby hurting someone. But even though everyone stepped backward, Ellie and Carly helped her to cheer up. Then a black hair girl came to Abby and started to shout at her angry about hurting her friend. At last the girl put her hand up high and tried to hit Abby but Ellie and Carly helped her and stopped her. They wanted to have some rest so they had a little chat about random things forgetting about class and when they realized school have finished! The bell rang and they didn’t know what to do. Should they say sorry to the teacher or not.

The options were

  1. Go to the staff room and tell the teacher why they missed the lesson.
  2. Go home like nothing happened.
  3. Stay there until the teacher caught them.

The winner was option 2!

I hope you enjoy my last chapter.


Chapter 6

Ding Dong. The bell rang.

“What should we do?” Cried Ellie.

“We should go home like nothing happened.” Suggested Carly

The three agreed and went to their classroom to get their stuff and ran out of the classroom. They looked around for the teachers. No teachers. This was their chance. They ran out of the building and thought the garden. Then they could see their teacher standing next to the gate. She was stomping her leg and crossing her arm. Abby, Ellie and Carly thought this wasn’t good so they looked for another gate but there was no other gate except this one. At that moment Carly thought of some terrible idea.

“We can climb over the brick wall!”

Abby and Ellie surly knew that it was a dangerous idea so they didn’t agree but when they thought about being caught by their teacher, they needed to do it. Abby hold on to Ellie and then Ellie went over the wall. Next was Carly’s turn, Carly hold on to Abby’s back and stand on her shoulder. That when the teacher noticed them. The teacher came closer to them. Step by step she came closer. While step by step Abby and Carly went backward. They hit the wall. They couldn’t go back more. The teacher stops and asked,

“What are you girls doing miss?”

“Um… Well… We were …” Abby then stopped. She could see Ellie coming closer to them. Abby made an NO mark with her hand. Then the teacher frowned at her and looked behind.

“I am really sorry for skipping the last lesson. Miss.” Ellie called out at the teacher.

“It was my idea about skipping the lesson.” Ellie added.

The teacher opened her mouth like she heard something unbelievable.

“Well if you say so. Come with me to the stuff office.”

What should Abby do? Ellie is going to the office with her. That when Abby noticed that the magic wand from her pocket came out and wrote something on a piece of paper, “Friends should always protect each other.” Without realizing, Abby ran after Ellie and held her hand. She then looked at the teacher and said, “Miss, Ellie isn’t the only one who should be going with you, I should be going with you too.” Then Carly also said me too. The three went into the stuff room together. Even though they could get in huge trouble. They all believed in each other so they were not scared at anything. That what friends are for, “To believe in each other.”


From that day 1 month has past.


“Hurry up Abby! We will be late for school!”

“Ok. Just wait outside. I will pack my bag and then do this and then…” That when Ellie and Carly pulled her hand and called out,

“You can do that later! Any way today it’s THAT day.”

The three raced to the school and arrived in front of the gate 15 minute before school start. They went down the courtyard and Abby pulled out her magic wand.

“I can’t wait to see it!” Carly cried.

Abby shook the wand and though up high. The wand start to drop many magic dust and wrote,

Friends are here for you.

The three looked at each other and hugged each other. They smiled and ticked each other. Then they heard the bell. It was time to go to class. The three went to their classroom laughing with a big smile!


The End


Thank you for all people who has read this story! Special thanks for Emily Ja, Karen (Sarah’s Mum), Jo (Ruby’s Mum), my Mum, Mrs. Miller and Mrs. W for always commenting on my blog post. Without Mrs. Miller and Mrs. W I wouldn’t have done this amazing work.

One again, Thank you all for reading my story.

This is the last chapter for my story, “Smile!” so it feels sad but,

I will see you then, Bye!


Smile! Chapter 5

Hi readers,

This is my 5th chapter of the story. This is the summary of my past few weeks chapter. There is a girl name Abby and she has two friends name Ellie and Carly. Ellie gave a magic wand that gives you what a real friends are. Then some bad rumors spread around the whole school about Abby but they never complained. A few days after when they opened their locker they found a…

From this point readers get to choose what they want to come from the following three.

  1. Card
  2. Trophies
  3. Lollipops

The most votes were option 1!

I hope you enjoy my chapter.

Chapter 5


When Abby, Ellie and Carly opened the locker, on the shelf there was a card. On Abby’s card there was a letter that said, O. On Ellie’s Card it had a U and on Carly’s card there was a letter T. The three showed the card and figured that if you put this in order, it makes a word, OUT. The three all thought what this mean.

“I think it mean you are OUT. Like what you play in a game.” Abby thought.

“But “this” isn’t a game Abby.” Ellie responded.

“Maybe someone is trying to make us into some kind of game.” Carly smiled.

“I don’t care but this is some sort of prank so let not care about it.” Abby flicked her hair and walked to their classroom. In the classroom nothing strange happened. Until, lunchtime started. One girl came to Abby’s classroom. She asked if she could have a word with Abby. Abby followed to the girl who had black straight hair. They went behind the shed. Then the girl asked Abby,

“So you know why I brought you here right?”

“Um… No…”

“It because you hurt my BEST FRIEND!”

Abby looed puzzled, “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

They both shouted at each other and finally the girl put her hand up high and swung it toward Abby. Abby tried to move but her body was frozen and when she thought she would get hit, she heard somebody calling to stop. It was Ellie.

“Don’t hurt Abby! She’s my best friend!”

Then the girl turned away and continued to hit me. That when someone fast as a lighting came and snatched the girl’s hand. It was Carly. They all came to save me. The girl ran away with a bit of a grin.

“Thank you Ellie and Carly. You saved me.”

They both smiled and said, “We care about you because you are my friend.”

Abby shook her head, “You are my best friends.”

They laughed and talked forgetting about what had happened. They talked about random stuff like popcorn and chips. Then they heard the bell ring. This was the bell which mean school has finished. What should they do? Will the teachers catch them because they missed a lesson?


Now it’s your turn. Choose from the following 3.

  1. Go to the staff room and tell the teacher why they missed the lesson.
  2. Go home like nothing happened
  3. Stay there until the teacher caught them.

I hope you liked my story, “Smile!” chapter 5.

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My First Book Review

Hi readers,

Today I will be writing a  book review. I will be posting at least one book review every fortnight. As I said on my post, “Term 3 smart goal” I am reading a book every fortnight. Then my teacher suggested me to write a book review of what book I am reading.

This fortnight I have read 2 books. The first book I read is called, Scarlett and Ivy

This book is about a girl named Ivy becoming her twin sister, Scarlett. Ivy’s sister scarlet went missing so everyone thought she died. Then a teachers from Rookwood, Miss Fox came to Ivy’s place and asked to take place of Scarlett. At first Ivy refused but her parents had already paid the fee so Ivy went to Rookwood to take Scarlett’s place. Rookwood is a boarding school so Ivy went into Scarlett room but she couldn’t find anything. She couldn’t find anything that belongs to Scarlett. So she looked under the bed hoping if she could found something. Yes, she found a diary. Some of the page in the diary was ripped and when she read the diary, some horrible things were written in it. That when Ivy started to think this school had some mystery. So Ivy looked for the missing pages around the school. When she found all the pages she found out something terrible.

I think I rate this book 5 out of 5 star.

This book is recommended for 10+.

I really enjoyed reading this book and there were many mysteries so I think this book is highly recommended for people who like fantasy, mysteries and magical story.

The second book I read this fortnight is called, “Choose your own Ever After A Hot Cold SUMMER”

Choose your own Ever After Hot Cold SUMMER

This book is not a normal book you need to choose what you like to come next. So this book is about a girl name Frankie Jones whose parents divorced 8 years ago. Every weekend she hangs out with her Dad and on the weekdays she hangs out with her Mum. One day Frankie lost her swimming costume and there was a swimming party with a boy who she likes. But first, she needed to find her costume so she went into her dad’s house to check but then she found a woman at his house. Her dad said that it his girlfriend and apologized for not talking to Frankie. Frankie then found her swimming costume so she went to school and as soon as it finished she went to the party. There she found out that the boy she liked had a girlfriend. She was shocked so Frankie went home, then her Mum asked if she would like to go to London with her. Frankie then was asked  by her dad if she would like to go to beach with him and his girlfriend. Frankie thought this was going to be a hard chose. Will she go with her dad or her mum?

I think I rate this a 3 star. I rate this 3 star because there was only about love and kisses so I didn’t really enjoyed reading this book

This book is recommended to 9-12

I loved this book about how you can choose what you want to come next.

Well, I will see you in a fortnight!

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Until then, Bye!


Smile! Chapter 4

Hi readers,

This is my 4th chapter for my story, “Smile!” So this is the summary of my past few chapters. There is a girl called Abby and she has a best friend called Ellie. The two were always compared to each other by other people because of their appearance. Then Ellie gave a special box  to Abby that had a magic wand. This magic wand is not an ordinary magic wand; it gives you hints about friendships. Abby then came across to a girl name Carly. The two raced against each other and when they went back to their classroom, The classroom was in silence.

This was the point where the readers voted for what they want from the following 3.

  1. There is going to be a test.
  2. The teacher might get  into a car accident.
  3. Some weird rumours will get spread around.

The winner was, option 3!

I hope you enjoy reading chapter 4.


Chapter 4

Once Ellie opened the door, the classroom went dead silent. The three didn’t know what happened so Carly went to her friends and asked what happened. Carly’s friends looked at each other and whispered in her ears. As soon as she heard it, she gasped and anxiously turned around to look at Abby. Carly thought this was some sort of mistake so she tried to talk to Abby but her friends pulled her over and cried out,

“No you won’t! I will not let you hurt Carly like what you did to them!”

Abby didn’t know what they were talking about. She didn’t hurt anyone and most of all Abby hasn’t talked to anyone except Ellie and Carly. Then unexpectedly a girl whined,

“I don’t want to be like her! Get out!”

As soon as she spoked the rest of the classmates all barked at her by saying, “Get out!” She felt there was a big dark hole inside her heart. Abby opened the door and rushed out. Ellie shouted out at Abby but she didn’t stop running. Ellie ran after her but when she realised Carly has dashed passed her. Carly chased Abby as well.

Abby went out to the green grass down the courtyard. She huddled on the grass and looked rather blue. Carly and Ellie went near Abby and sat next to her. They both gently tapped on Abby’s back and told her to not worry.

“Abby, l know that you didn’t hurt them. I am also sorry for doubting you at first.” Carly apologized with a sad face.

“It okay anyway it not your fault and so… and what was it about?” Abby replied trying to make a smile on her face.

“The rumor?”

Abby nodded.

“It was only about a group of girls got hurt and they think it was you, Abby”

Abby looked sad so Ellie hugged Abby as hard as possible. Ellie then cried. The three hugged each other and promised to never doubt each other again and believe anything they say. Ellie started to tickle Abby and then Abby tickled her back. Carly also tickled Ellie and they began to have a tickle game fight. They all laughed and forgot about what had happened in the classroom.

Abby, Ellie and Carly stopped laughing and walked backed to their classroom.

“Ah, It kind of scary. Right?” suggested Ellie.

“Yah you are right it scary but we need to go in the classroom before the teacher gets angry with us.” Answered Carly as she stood up in front of the door.

They opened the door but no one talked to them or even looked at them. Abby, Ellie and Carly sat at their desk. They could hear whispers all around the classroom. The three didn’t like the situation but there were nothings they could do. The rumor spread thought the whole school and even to the teachers. Abby, Ellie and Carly even needed to talk to the teacher about if the rumor is true or not. But not even one of them argued or complained at each other because they were, friends.

Mean while, a girl was watching the three girls and guilty said,

“How dare you…”

The girl walked back to the hallway scratching the wall all along.

The next day, Abby, Ellie and Carly came to school together like what they do everyday. They all opened their locker and on the shelf there was a…

Now is your turn. From the following 3, please choose what you want to come next.

  1. Card
  2. Trophy
  3. Lollipops

Please vote!

See you next week!


My Skateboard

Hi readers,

This term our grade has made a skateboard in our art lesson. Each board needs to have some kind of social comment. My skateboard has a big word on the middle that says, “Be happy.” This means, smile makes people happy so why don’t you make people happy? This skateboard has lollipops all around it. This is because lollipops make you happy and then it makes you smile!

This is a picture of my skateboard.

skateboard photo

I think being happy is a good thing for all people.

So today I want to say,

Be happy!

Until then, Bye!



Smile! Chapter 3

Hi readers,

This is my 3rd chapter for my story, “Smile.” I will summarize what had happened in this story. There is a girl called Abby and she has a best friend name Ellie. Other people compare them by their look then Ellie gave Abby a special box that had a magic wand. Abby can only use the magic wand once a fortnight. The next day at school Abby bumped into a girl who was wearing a sport uniform. The girl then asked her if she could have a race with Abby. Abby never thought that meeting her would change her forever.

From this point, the readers chose what they would like to happen next from the following 3 point:

  1. Abby race with her.( 0 vote)
  2. Abby refuse and walk off. (0 vote)
  3. Abby shake the wand to give a tip. (6 vote)

I hope you enjoy chapter 3.


Chapter 3

“Can you race with me?”

Abby thought she was a weird girl who didn’t have any manners. On the other hand, she was quite surprised that a girl talked to her because Abby looked scary and not even one person came closer to her except Ellie. Abby then tuned around and tried to walk away. Suddenly, the girl pulled Abby’s arm and introduced herself,

“I am Carly! Your name is… Abby?”

Abby looked at her with confusion.

“Um, how do you know my name?”

“That because you are popular at athletics! I once raced with you but I lost so I want to try again with you.”

Abby wasn’t sure what to do so she thought about shaking the wand for some tips. She pulled out a notebook and asked Carly if she could turn around. When Carly did as Abby told, Abby also looked around to see no one looking at her. Then she swung the wand and small dust began to fall onto the notebook and it made a sentence. It wrote,


Friends are people who don’t choose you by your looks.


Abby didn’t think Carly was a girl that chose friend by their looks like the others. So she Abby answered, “Sure I can race you Carly.” But Clary was still facing her back to Abby so, “Carly you can turn around now.” Abby added.

Carly looked at Abby with a smile and dragged her to the oval. They both got into their positions.

“Ready Abby? On your mark get set GO!”

They both ran with their top speed from the beginning. They were sweating and were puffed out. Carly started to laugh really hard and at the same time she coughed. Abby chuckled. She gave Carly a pat on her back and lay down on the grass when she heard Ellie cheering,

“Great job Abby and… Both of you!”

They looked at each other’s and yelled, “Thanks!”

The three of them all went back to their classroom. Ellie was talking about how cool Abby and Carly were and that they had both tied their race. When they arrived in front of their classroom, Ellie pushed the door. The classroom was in silence. Carly asked her friend what happened and they said…

Now it is your turn to choose what you want to come next in the story.

  1. There is going to be a test.
  2. The teacher got into a car accident.
  3. Some weird rumor’s spreading around

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See you next week!